Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Something Borrowed (2011) (13/50 movies)

So let me say this straight off the bat: Tina and I weren't looking for a romantic comedy to watch on Valentine's Day last night, we just happened upon this as a placeholder. We really wanted to watch "The Loving Story", the new documentary about Richard and Mildred Loving, the interracial couple who brought their case to the Supreme Court and which led to them declaring all interracial marriages legal. That was a great Valentine's Day watch. Something Borrowed? Not so much. In fact,  Something Borrowed feels like it goes on forever, and basically, treads water for close to two hours as people cheat one eachother and try to figure things out because they are.... GASP....turning thirty?! What does it all mean? Ugh, it is so tedious. And the worst has got to be Colin Egglesfield, who I guess came from soap operas, who is supposed to be this romantic ideal and just comes across as a block of wood. One of the funniest scenes that wasn't supposed to be funny was seeing him try to emote while standing in the rain. (It especially suffers in comparison, and I guess this is somewhat unfair, when one thinks about some genuinely great screen couples of the past, which is what my friend, co-worker, and fellow bloggers Peter did yesterday) There were actual two good things about this movie: 1) John Krasinski did the best he could and was also funniest in the best friend role, and 2) there was a song I really enjoyed by a band called Hipjoint somewhere in there.



  1. There is something so surreal about the photo in this post. When I first looked at it, it completely reminded me of the view from Helen's place up in the Cape.

  2. Whoa. It totally does. Ha. It's supposed to be The Hamptons.