Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (2012)

This was a close one. I've seen Dan In Real Life and it was a testament to how good Steve Carrell is that he came away from that movie relatively unscathed. This...well, it was close (I am sure he was worried) but again, because he's so likable that he comes out looking better than you would expect. And definitely better than other people would in this movie. It's an interesting conceit: basically it starts off with the mission from Armageddon failing, a massive asteroid that's going to crash into the earth, and sets up basically what becomes a romantic dramedy. It's different because everyone in the world has only 21 days left to live. But it's the same because Keira Knightley is annoying Manic Pixie Dream Girl type. Although I couldn't just tell if it was that or just straight quirky British. But she did not seem like someone (SPOILER) who Steve Carrell who fall madly in love with right before the world gets destroyed. Although maybe that's the point, you grasp onto anything when everything is about go kaput. I will say there were a lot comedian cameos in here I enjoyed, and I thought the conceit was good, and the ending....well I was surprised where it went at least. But besides Carrell, the main relationship left me cold and just...well, waiting for the end, so to speak. But this is was an okay distraction while eating Chinese food on a Monday night.


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