Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Of My Favorite Movie Music Moments of 2012

So we watched Pitch Perfect the other night. Don't laugh, it's actually an enjoyable little time waster and not as annoyingly Glee-y as I thought it would be. And it just so happens it contains what might be one of my favorite music moments of the year. It might not exactly be the most impressive number of the whole movie, those come towards the end in the final competition (um, spoiler alert?) But, story wise, it might be the most important music moment. So a little background: the four main acapella groups at this college (I know, I know) meet up in am empty pool for what is known as the Riff-Off. Basically it's a freestyle acapella showdown/game of vocal wordplay where you steal songs from the other groups by jumping in on a song on a certain word. You can see it at the beginning of the clip but a category is chosen and the competition goes from there. So they trade off on Salt 'N' Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex", and Foreigner's "Feels Like The First Time" etc. Then Anna Kendrick (Becca) jumps in with Dr. Dre's opening verse from the STONE COLD CLASSIC "No Diggity" by Blackstreet.  It's the central moment of the movie, where she finally drops the cool-girl attitude, showing her musical chops, showing her "street" cred, as well as showing she can bring something new to the Bellas (her group's name) setlist. Everyone on the Bellas gets to show off their unique personality and skill visually during the song (Rebel Wilson grabbing her tummy on "got game by the pound" earns her boss status). It shows the group truly coming together and it takes the movie a while to get back to that. But, seriously, who can resist "No Diggity"? Not me.

And here is the original:

A close second might just be Jessica Lange singing "The Name Game" on American Horror Story (Of course, that's television but never mind that)


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