Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Wish For a Back The Future themed Tour

With all this broo-haha over the 25th Anniversary of the release of Back To The Future, I feel like something is getting lost in the shuffle. It's certainly not the actors, I saw the main ones on The Today Show today (sans Crispin Glover of course.

And..Mary Steenburgen? I don't want to make waves here, but seriously no one cares about Back To The Future Part III. I mean besides the trivia that ZZ Top played a jug band in the movie.

Anyway, who is that handsome gent in the back? Why Huey Lewis of course!? How insulting on the 25th Anniversary of the release of Back To The Future and the release of the movie and all these extras on Blu-Ray that Taylor Swift is there to sing in the Plaza but they make Huey Lewis hang out inside the studio. C'mon people! Put him outside and rock both of his songs from the Back To The Future soundtrack. Sure, that would only appeal to oldie oldersons like myself, but come on, we have more liquid cash for entertainment than those dorks that are really into Taylor Swift. We're the ones that (might) be buying stuff advertised during The Today Show. Show us some love! At any rate, I am quite sure Huey Lewis and the News have been out touring....Casinos, maybe? But they need to jump on this Back To The Future gravy train and have some comeback Back To The Future concerts. It'll be packed with people my age!

Listen, I'm no promoter obviously, and I don't understand the logistics of this sort of thing. And I realize he only has two songs on the soundtrack, but I mean he could just play the rest of Sports and maybe the title track from Pineapple Express. Okay, I haven't thought this through obviously, but there should be some forum for Mr. Lewis to gain some money off this, and for us to enjoy his righteous jams once again. Well, I guess we just did. Nevermind.


  1. Agreed. A Huey Lewis "Back to the Future" reunion show would be awesome. And they'd pretty much have to play all of "Sports" but that would be fine because that album is great. It's really funny to think about because it reminds you that back in the day, Huey Lewis and the News was one of the biggest bands out there, and they have pretty much fizzled ever since this movie came out. But I agree with you, I'd much rather see them perform than Taylor friggin' Swift.

    Oh, and I used to care about Part III, because I do like the fact that Doc ended up happy. But seriously, when compared to the first one and to the second one as well, it just wasn't as good. Kinda cheesy actually.


  2. Back to the Future is probably my favorite 80s movie. It really resonated with me as a kid to the point that, after not seeing it for years and years, I saw it again last year and could still recite large chunks of it line-for-line, something I've never been adept at doing.

    And stop fronting on my man Huey Lewis. Me and my friend Brendan used to bump Sports during marathon sessions of playing Intellevision. I had that, Thriller and Born in the USA in heavy rotation in the mid-80s in elementary school. Yes, I was a person of high taste, even then.

  3. I wasn't fronting. I was being completely serious. Huey Lewis really needs to get on this gravy train and have a show. Play his hits from "Back To The Future", then like Matt said, play "Sports" in its entirety or something. I'm not sure if you have listened to it lately, but "I Want A New Drug" is amazing.


  4. @Kevin: Don't you mean Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.?


  5. Yeah, I wasn't fronting on Huey Lewis either. He was a staple for me back in the day.

    And you know what I remember about watching "Back to the Future" when I was a kid? I had it on tape and watched it a ton of times, but those final scenes where Marty had to race to get the time machine all ready and in position, that he had to do it while fighting the temptation to tell Doc his fate, the fact that the letter was ripped up in his face, and then the damn car won't start, I always had the adrenaline pumping and I got all anxious and nervous. Every time. I can't recall many films that elicited that kind of reaction that much and that consistently.

    Iincidentally (Kev, you probably won't like this) I have another bone to pick with this movie. Doc sets the clock to go off when Marty should start driving right? Well, the car stalls and it takes Marty at least 5-10 seconds to get it going, yet he still makes it to the exact point where the lighting strikes. But he should have been late since he didn't start precisely when he was supposed to. So were Doc's calculations way off? Did Marty drive faster than he was supposed to? Did lighting travel slower in 1955? Or am I being overly anal and annoying deconstructing one phenomenal movie?