Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Animal Kingdom (2010)

Oops, sorry Social Network. Listen, I did actually enjoy you, but, in the end your stay on my top ten list of 2010 was always pretty tenuous. And it looks like it has been knocked off by Animal Kingdom. Man, this is pretty amazing stuff. I keep seeing it compared to Goodfellas, but I think only in the broadest sense. It's just as much about family, specifically about a young man, "J",  who gets shoved into the criminal side of his family after his mother's death, and the problems, to put it mildly, that arise from him being here. This movie is absolutely soaked with dread, which pretty much puts you ill at ease, guessing whats going to happen next.  Seriously, there is a scene early on that uses an Air Supply song and turns it on its head with suspense. I can see why Jacki Weaver, as Janine Cody, the patriarch of the clan was nominated for an Oscar, she's a scheming puppetmaster here. Such good stuff.


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