Sunday, February 27, 2011

127 Hours (2010)

Well, I managed to see 9 out of the ten nominees for Best Picture. Sorry, The King's Speech, I'll see you after you win best picture in a few hours. (I waited too long and didn't do a whole entry of predictions, that's a freebie.) At any rate, I enjoyed this, not enough to crack my top ten, but I thought this was well done. Danny Boyle's visual dynamics really helped drive home the ideas of not only, in this case, man against himself, but man-against-nature. Franco does an admirable job, especially since he is basically the whole show. I still think Ryan Gosling should have gotten the nomination instead, but what can you do? He definitely holds his own-which is basically what he was there to do. Strange, though, to see Lizzy Caplan and Treat Williams in nonspeaking roles in flashbacks.

I do think James Franco can do a good job tonight as co-host. But we will see, these things are always interesting. Here's the thing, his whole life is some weird performance art so I can him getting into this. The problem is Anne Hathaway, who honestly, I'm not sure can be funny. But stranger things have happened.

An Englishman on The King's Speech's eventual win. Sort of.



  1. I liked this movie too, though was not blown away by it. I thought the effects used when he cut his arm off were really good and made me cringe even more than I normally would have. And I remember saying at the end of the film that every movie should end with a Sigur Ros song. Seriously.

    You hated Anne Hathaway last night, didn't you?


  2. Oh a lot. Although, James Franco was no prize either.

    Yeah I felt the same way overall about the movie. Know what? I was actually more grossed out by the part with his eyes and the contacts and when he had to break his arm before he cut off.

    I didn't mention the music in this movie, it was really good. I forgot even about the Sigur Ros song, but the first song by this band Free Blood, and the last one by Plastic Bertrand, all really good. (and of course, Bill Withers.)