Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Other Oscar Snub

I'm quite sure everyone is not tired about talking about the Oscars, at all. I'll sum up: they sucked. And it's not like I am not kind of disappointed every year, but this was truly a low mark for this show. Like the great Roger Ebert said, "The worst Oscar show I've seen, and I go back a way. Some great winners, a nice distribution of awards, but the show was Dead. In. The. Water.". 

But everyone's talking about the Corey Haim snub during the In Memoriam montage during the show. But let us not forget the other snub, I mean Len Lesser had just passed away a week or two before but I am sure they could have shoehorned him in there. The technology is definitely there. Of course most people will remember Len Lesser as Uncle Leo from Seinfeld.

And, I am sure he will get his due at the Emmy's. But like I was telling Tina when I noticed the snub, he was a star of both screens, big and small. He was in such films as Patton  and

The Outlaw Josey Wales

But he was also in one my personal favorites:

The great World War II movie, Kelly's Heroes.

Of course, I am using the term "star" loosely, but Clint Eastwood seemed to like him.


Added Later;
Not that I care at all about the Grammy's (go figure), but you want know what a real snub is? Not having Guru from Gang Starr as a part of their In Memoriam montage.

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