Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 More Movies

Prometheus (2012) (32/50 movies)
I left the movie theater after watching Prometheus wondering if there wasn't a 3 hour cut of the movie that exists somewhere. Ridley Scott himself has said that he is already planning on adding twenty minutes to the movie when it comes out on DVD. Maybe that's where the motivation for the characters' who would swing wildly from scene to scene and change motivations, or figure things out that there was no real reason they could figure out-maybe he can add all those things back into the movie. Or maybe the writing was never really there. I might be being overly critical but I have to admit to really looking forward to this, and overall, okay 2/3 of it is really good, but that last 1/3 leaves too many questions and quite frankly aren't all that good. The third act is so fraught with problems-a lot of which I can't go into without spoiling things.Most of the characters are poorly sketched, and the pacing is just weird and off. But, like I said, there is some good stuff, but in the end it just does not cohere like it should or like Scott probably wanted. One character and actor is amazing and stands out, of course that is Michael Fassbender as the android, David, he is just soooo good here. And the one real grossout scene works as a scene itself, but, again doesn't connect so much with the rest of the movie-which is sort of the story of the movie. (And aside, for all of Prometheus' lofty ideas, some pretty progressive for a Summer movie tentpole, going abck to who really created us as humans, in that one really good, creepy scene, the script does verbal gymnastics so that no character would utter the word abortion) I think it's worth seeing, but for me, in the end, it was disappointing.

Piranha 3DD (2012) (33 of 50 movies)
You know, two disappointing movies on a Friday night is not a good average. And this one, it's not even like I was EXPECTING anything. It's never good when a movie gets shelved, and then gets its release date moved around, and then comes out in only a few theaters is on On Demand and doesn't screen for critics. I wasn't looking for Fellini here, just something I could find as enjoyable as the first movie. And they had all the elements there that made the first movie fun to me, but stripped them of whatever ridiculous fun they were. And this should have been as much fun, they have some great people in here: David Koechner, Paul Scheer, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd (David Hasselhoff as himself) and it takes place in water park!? All the elements were here but it was just a pale imitation of the original. And that's saying a lot for something I had no real expectations of at all. At least it was only 82 minutes long so it had no real time to wear out it's welcome.


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