Friday, January 28, 2011

Dogtooth (2009)

I have been reading about this movie ever since it premiered (and won an award) at Cannes in 2009. It has finally made its way to Netflix-Watch Instantly even-after that long, arduous journey....I don't even know what to say about the movie now. No explanation of it can actually prepare you for the experience of watching it, which maybe makes it sound more ominous then it is. The barebones description of the plot certainly doesn't do it justice-three siblings are shut off, literally in a house in the middle of nowhere with high fences, and kept under strict control by the parents somewhere in the Greek countryside in what seems to be some extreme, bizarre, sociopathic behavioral experiment. The patriarch, even though mostly calm, seems truly out of his gourd in how he has shaped his kids from birth.  The family starts to come undone (somewhat) when a stranger starts introducing pieces of the outside world to the oldest daughter in form of videotapes. The explanation of how that stranger (or acquaintance really) gets into the house would be giving too much away. Like I said this doesn't even begin to do this justice, it is bizarre, surreal, shocking, truly twisted and darkly, darkly comic. Its, well, it's really nuts. You should just see it for yourself. Its also nuts that this was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar this year. While I don't think it has any hope in actually winning, it would be wild if it did.


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