Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Frozen (2010)

One of those instances where a neat premise-here three friends get trapped on a ski lift on the last run when the ski lift operators forget about them, and there is going to be a long weekend before anyone gets back to the mountain. It's an instance where a neat premise is somewhat marred by not-great acting, and a somewhat convoluted turn of events. (How they eventually get stuck up there is a real "only in a movie" series of coincidences) But I have to admit that parts of this movie were definitely suspenseful, and definitely made my palms sweat. This might have worked better as a shorter movie, because even at only an hour and a half it still drags a bit. Part of it might just be that even back in the day when I used to ski, or maybe its like this for everyone, there was always something nervewracking about the chairlift, whether it would stop or if it would fall, and this movie plays pretty well on those fears in some respects, while being pretty goofy in other ones.


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