Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006)

A fascinating documentary on how the MPAA ratings board and how they go about the process of rating, and basically, who they are really beholden to. Basically the MPAA ratings board, who operate in secret without an ounce of transparency, are basically a bunch of Maude Flanders (the head of it is a certified Republican-make of that what you will, and the appeals board actually has two clergymen on it as "unofficial observers") shouting "Who is going to think of the children!?" Its an interesting look at something, you realize as you watch,  that has been around forever but noone really delves into. It might be a bit too long though, as a lot of the points seem to be made over and over. On a sidenote, the director, Kirby Dick, hires a pair of private investigators, Becky and Cheryl, and Cheryl's daughter Lindsay to track down who exactly is currently on the MPAA ratings board since their members are kept secret. These three either need to have their own reality show or a narrative show based on them. Their exploits tracking down these members are some of the most entertaining parts of the movie.


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