Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Casey Siemaszko

In a weird, coincidence I was watching the pilot episode of The Event last night (being an introductory episode I found it intriguing enough to come back to. Could be good. Oh, also I have no real idea what was actually going on).  Watching the show wasn't the coincidence, but the sort-of coincidence was, in the opening scene, playing an air traffic controller was none other than Casey Siemaszko. You might not recognize his name but he supporting parts in some of the biggest, and best, movies of the eighties. One of which our guest writer, E4, already wrote about passionately. Talk about synergy!

Anyway, who is Casey Siermaszko? Here is in a few roles from the eighties, you'll remember him.

He played 3-D, one of the members of Biff's gang in Back To The Future (and Back To The Future Part II).  He, of course, was the guy always wearing 3-D glasses, so clever nickname there.

There he is all the way over the right.

He was a part of another gang in 1986. He played Billy Tessio, Vern's older brother, and friend to Eyeball Chambers in Stand By Me.           

There he is, all the way to the left

1987 was a big year for Casey. He had what looks like his first starring role in a major motion picture and what has become sort of a cult classic. He plays Jerry Mitchell, the dork who runs afoul of the school bully and is challenged to a fight after school. Its a teenage High Noon, appropriately titled, Three O'Clock High.

1988 was also a big year. Nothing where he carried a movie, but he was in a movie with Matthew Broderick and Christopher Walken, Biloxi Blues. As per usual, with Casey, here is he is peering over Christopher Walken's shoulder.

And, last, but certainly not least, in 1988, he played Charles "Charlie" Bowdre as a part of Billy The Kid's gang in Young Guns.

He's the one to the right of Emilio Estevez, with the beard.


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