Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to Three tha Hard Way!

Let’s begin at the beginning.

One day I was having a debate with two of my friends on Facebook over whether or not the Beatles deserve all the accolades that have been heaped on them by every music critic since 1970 (they don’t). The gentlemen I was debating with, Matt and Kevin, are smart, funny and articulate. They love music. They love movies. They love pop culture. So I thought to myself, why not bring our incredible insights from the shadows of Facebook into the light for all the world to see?  I mean, a blog dedicated to music, movies and pop culture? Totally unique and not-at-all a saturated concept, amirite? How could it not work?

I have no idea where this will all go. Maybe we each do one entry and then we’re done. Maybe we blow up and I finally realize my dream of making over $30,000 over a two-year span. The bar of expectation has been set low. I would like this to be a place for our friends to debate and discuss those things that move us in life. Whether it’s reminiscing over the Webster episode where he hid in the clock to evade the burglars, the first concert we went to, how crappy the new Weezer album is or how dope the new Kanye single is, I hope this can be a place where people interact and share what they love about the world of pop culture. It should be funny, classless, occasionally insightful and never dull.

The base will be me and Matty and Kevin. Hence the name of the blog, Three tha Hard Way. But we’re totally open to putting up posts by anyone else who is interested, especially if that person loves Eddie Money. So come one, come all. Let’s talk about how rad life is.

(For the record, Matty genuinely believes that the Beatles don’t get nearly enough credit for whatever it is that they did. I think he said if Beethoven were in Liverpool at the time they formed, he wouldn’t have been fit to wipe Ringo’s ass.)

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  1. I see you've labeled this post with an "eddie money" tag. Does that mean you are anticipating future posts that include Mr. Money?