Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Do You Want Me To Say?

Before, I start, if you happen to have missed it, please check out Pat's intro, which should end up below. Basically we are starting this here blog, talking about stuff that interests and hoping it will grow somewhat organically, I think. We will see where we go from here. I'm actually expanding my purview here, I used to just write about movies at my old blog, which I still intend to do, but Pat and Matt have given me the chance to expand out a little bit. Which should be great.

So, I probably should have done this yesterday because the internet being the internet this is already all over the place, but the most exciting news I have heard this week is most definitely that The Dismemberment Plan is re-uniting" and are going to have a short east coast tour. As well as release Emergency and I on vinyl. Which, like the man said, is odd that it has never been available on vinyl before.

I actually got into The Dismemberment Plan almost near the end of their run, in 1999-2000, I would say. They broke up in 2003. This actually makes me think of a lot: in some ways how it was good to go off to college and to California for a volunteer year (where I met Matt and Pat, incidentally) and have my horizons expanded. Let me go back a bit, in high school I would say I was a bit more close-minded when it comes to music. Thats 20-20 hindsight talking, and I still do like a great deal of what I used to like, although some of it is definitely from a different perspective. Which is good since I'm not a teenager anymore. I really got into hardcore and punk in high school and that was really my main bread and butter, and it wasn't until going to college and beyond where I started pushing my own personal boundaries as far as what I listened to just by meeting new people and people that were enthusiastic about different things. So I expanded, and would get into other types of music and other music of the more indie rock variety. Thats a roundabout way of saying that when The Dismemberment Plan started playing around in D.C. I didn't notice because its just not what I was into, and it was because of my good friend Jef who would introduce me to a band that would eventually become pretty important to me. I was actually lucky to catch them on their last tour together here in Boston. I guess my point is that its interesting when something like this comes up how much it makes you, or well just me perhaps, look at how I got to a place to let them into my listening space.

Its also a roundabout way of saying that I am excited. And on Friday, I am not going to get much work done in the morning because I am going to be planning strategy on getting tickets that are sure to go fast.

Also, fun fact: they got their name from a line in Groundhog Day.

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  1. Crazy that I was at that show in Boston, too!! I'm so looking forward to this tour :)