Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Excited! The Teaser Trailer For the Coen Brothers' "True Grit"

True Grit Teaser Trailer
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So I am going on a brief trip to the South this weekend to visit a couple friends of mine. I only mention this because just this morning I was trying to find a book to read on the trip, and after seeing this trailer, maybe I should try and find a copy of True Grit just so I can be a nerd and compare and contrast when this thing comes out. If the Coen Brothers can come close to matching the atmosphere that is created in this trailer in the actual movie then this is going to be amazing. It looks amazing, and the little girl, the narrator, Hailee Steinfeld, who they found out of nowhere looks perfect. I have to admit that 1) I love the Coen Brothers and I especially love their genre movies the most, and 2) I really like Jeff Bridges, especially all grizzled here in the title role, and, as I mentioned in my Wall Street review, I really like Josh Brolin, especially playing the bad guy. And Matt Damon is no slouch either (I actually didn't recognize him at first even though I knew he was in it). I feel like if anyone could pull off keeping this as haunting as the trailer it would be the Coens. It'll be interesting too because people will see this as a remake of the 1969 True Grit with John Wayne in the starring role. But, like I said, above True Grit was a novel first, so this is just another adaptation of the novel, not a straight-up remake of a movie. (Adaptations being something else that the Coens do well.) So yeah, I am pretty excited about it as you might be able to tell.

Oh, and that song used in the trailer there, is a song called Where No One Stands Alone by the Peasall Sisters, which, as far I can tell are young sisters (naturally) who tour the country/christian music circuit. But, man, this song works so well here, I wonder if they are eventually going to sneak onto the soundtrack.

It's also kind of cool to get a double dose of Bridges in December!


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